My love of photography started in high school in the mid-1960's and expanded considerably when I fully converted to digital from film over fifteen years ago. While based in Southern Ontario, I have also been fortunate to spend a great deal of time over many years in the "Lowcountry" area of South Carolina, on and around Hilton Head Island. I have also traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada to such scenic spots as Sedona, AZ, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Canadian Rockies and Algonquin Park.

Capturing an image with dramatic natural light is my primary goal in landscape photography, whether it be sunsets, sunrises, unsettled or changing weather, waterfalls or any other memorable or unique natural scene. Wildlife photography is often a very different challenge, but all these photographic subjects require patience and the continual (never-ending) refinement of one's skills and experience. Regardless of my specific subject matter, I view my photography as an art form with the ultimate goal of creating a lasting image that may be viewed over and over again.

Largely self-taught, I read as much as I can about photography for both technical improvement and inspiration. I am a member of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), and an approved contributing photographer to Shutterstock, Inc., one of the world's largest photographic "stock" agencies. My images are available for purchase or license on this website, and through, and Please visit my "links" page for further information.