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My Images Are Available For Purchase or License Worldwide

Virtually all of the images on this website are available for purchase through my International online distribution partners. is the largest online art website in the world, able to provide the widest range of "Wall Art" and related products, in terms of both image sizes, and presentation choices with respect to print medium alternatives and framing options.

The product pricing on my FAA website is automatically quoted in the currency of the country your online device is registered in. 

FAA offers an extremely wide range of artwork display options. Once you are on my main FAA website (see link above) please review my individual image uploads, or Galleries for the pictures that may interest you. By clicking on each image you will be able to view the sizes available, print options and pricing ranges. Images can be ordered framed or unframed, as fine art prints on various varieties of archival photo paper or canvas as well as clear acrylic and wood. FAA also provides prints on aluminum which offers a unique and stunning display alternative for both interior and outdoors artwork viewing. Greeting/note cards and poster formats are also available.

FAA also offers many other products such as, throw pillows, smart phone cases and selected bedding and clothing items.

FAA currently has 14 fulfillment facilities around the world, and handles the entire process of ordering, printing and delivery worldwide. I have very successfully partnered with FAA since 2010. They do an excellent job and also provide a "no-questions asked" 30 day refund guarantee.

FAA also has a "sister" company dedicated to supplying "approved", high volume wholesale artwork purchasers in the hospitality and design fields:   Many of my images can be found on this separate website by searching for either my name or specific topics, locations or keywords.


Licensing My Images Worldwide

Shutterstock, Inc.

Over 200 of my images are available for commercial licensing, typically for various types of publications, marketing brochures, and advertising applications, through Shutterstock, Inc., one the world's largest photographic "stock photography" agencies. I have been an "approved" contributing photographer to Shutterstock since 2013, with over 1,000 downloads of my images to-date. I continue to add selected images to Shutterstock on a regular basis.


In 2016 I was approached on an unsolicited basis by to become a VIDA "designer", providing my choice of images for incorporation into VIDA's ever-expanding lines of elegant apparel products. VIDA was founded with the financial backing of Google Ventures, with a mission to bring artists and clothing makers together from around the world to create original apparel in a socially conscious way. While I am still very much in the early stages of this new "design career", I have had some nice sales success so far, adapting several of my photographic images to clothing items such as silk scarves. I plan to continue exploring  this new challenge and adding to my existing VIDA clothing offerings. I encourage everyone to take a look at not only my initial clothing design efforts, but all of the design alternatives featured on

Questions ?

Again, thank you very much for your interest in my photography, and please do not hesitate to contact me at the following email address should you have any questions about my artwork: